Snakeskin Booties

If you’ve seen anything about trends for fall, you probably know that animal print is HUGE. Now I’m usually someone who prefers classic and simple pieces that I can mix and match with anything, but I also try to mix in some trends to keep my look young and fashionable. So here, I’m going to share with you one of the first fall trend pieces I purchased and CANNOT wait to start wearing!

Let’s take this back a couple of months. If you’re like me, you probably saw numerous bloggers/influencers shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July. As someone who loves fall and loves Nordstrom, I’m a die-hard follower of what goes on during this sale. This year, I purchased a couple of items that I can’t wait to start wearing. (Once the weather cooperates, you’ll start seeing these pieces.) But one item that I fell in love with were a pair of snakeskin booties… that probably 90% of the influencers I follow shared. However, I didn’t see the exact color of the booties online that these ladies kept linking. I knew if this trend was going to be big I’d easily be able to find some similar booties elsewhere. So I passed on the booties and began my hunt.

Oh and also important that I mention this: I generally do not like to spend a lot of money on “trendy” pieces that I may only wear for a year. That just doesn’t seem practical to me. I would rather spend more on items I can wear for years to come. And by “spend more,” it’s still what I would consider middle of the line at most, and I love a good deal! 🙂

So back to looking for these booties. BOY ARE THERE OPTIONS! I comprised a list of various snakeskin booties below that are pretty excellent finds. But before that, I’ll also give you a few of my tips on how I plan to wear this trend for fall:

  1. Neutral lovin’: Although snakeskin is a print, it’s still neutral colored. I have a lot (I mean A LOT) of black, white, cream, and camel colored pieces. I love an all neutral outfit! I’m going to pair these booties most often with dark skinny and wide leg jeans and a neutral top so that the booties are the statement piece.
  2. Go bold: Yes I love all neutrals, but I also think a bold colored sweater (also big for fall) and a little snakeskin will make a great statement.
  3. Wear them with a skirt or dress: I love how booties look with skirts and dresses. Go boho or ultra-girly. You’ll have no problem dressing up your booties with a little dress or skirt for a fun look. **Super Trend Alert: pair your booties with a skirt/dress that is midi length and you’ll have everyone asking you where you got your outfit.

My Picks for Snakeskin Booties

  • These Marc Fisher booties with snakeskin down the heel
  • These have a little shorter heel, and brown snakeskin
  • LOVE these little ones with a skinny heel
  • Skinny heel, great price, brown color. I might need to get these too!
  • I WANT THESE IN EVERY SINGLE COLOR (I’m not joking. I would buy them in every color if that was not super excessive)
  • My pair ! Super comfortable and good price
  • Same exact as mine but more sizes available

Are you going to get any snakeskin pieces for fall? 

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