Wide-Leg Jean Trend

One trend I want to stay around forever: WIDE-LEG JEANS

I can’t even believe how much I love this trend! I have to admit when I first saw this trend appearing I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Because of my smaller frame, clothing that is larger or flowy can sometimes overwhelm me. So in all honesty, I was a little slow to jump on the wide-leg jean train. But now I’m fully on board and wear wide-leg jeans almost exclusively. Here’s why:

First off, wide-leg pants are super flattering. Wider at the bottom means smaller in your waist. (who doesn’t want that?!) Most of the wide-leg jeans out right now are also slightly cropped. As someone who went to Catholic school and our socks had to cover our ankle bone (yes, this was part of our uniform), it’s super scandalous to show my ankles. Jk on feeling scandalous! But the cropped hem does keep the look young, fun, and trendy. Not to mention your legs can breathe with the wide leg. Sorry skinny jeans, I still love ya. But sometimes a girl just needs a little space (pun intended).

There are also a lot of cuts of wide-leg jeans! These jeans here are called the “slim wide-leg jeans.” The slim fit definitely fits smaller in the waist and hips than other wide-legs jeans I have. I like looser fitting jeans as well, but this fit felt super flattering for most body shapes and a good transition jean if you still aren’t sure if the wide-leg could look baggy. So there are a ton of options for people looking for different fits of wide-leg jeans.

Now what do you pair wide-leg jeans with, you ask? On a normal “day-to-day” outfit/running errands, I usually just throw on a smaller or regular fit tee. I say “smaller or regular fit” to mean “not over-sized.” I like to try to balance the larger fit on bottom with smaller on top. Once it cools off I’ll pair them with a pullover sweater or cardigan. But here I paired them with this blue floral blouse and tucked the front in a little. I was surprised I liked the loose on top and wide leg on bottom! I think it works really well here (likely because of the slim fit in the hips). Wide-leg jeans also look KILLER with a bodysuit for date-night.

And now for shoes. I swear almost ANYTHING looks great. Tennis shoes, sandals, little heels, mules, loafers, booties… there are almost limitless options. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes you’re eyeing or your favorite pair you’ve been rocking for seasons, they’ll probably look awesome with wide-leg jeans. Your shoes can also be such a simple way to transition your jeans from day to night.

I know this was a pretty lengthy post about a single fit of jeans, but as you can see I absolutely love wide-leg jeans! So in conclusion, I am a huge fan of the versatility and comfort of the wide-leg jeans trend. There are so many fits, styles, colors, and  lengths that you can totally find a pair (or a few) for you. Keep it casual or dress it up, I know I’ll be rocking this trend until the very end.

How do you wear wide-leg jeans? Were you unsure at first like I was?

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