Moonlight Madness 5K

As you may have seen from my previous fitness post, I’m training for a half marathon in November! I’m really getting into the training now with my long runs in the double digits, and I start speed work soon (which I’m completely dreading, btw). I don’t know if I’ve ever run a race WHILE training for another race, but I saw this 5K as a fun social opportunity with friends and a great way to see what kind of pace I can run right now. After the race there were food trucks, live music, and beer; basically making for a really fun night. The weather started to get the idea that it should be fall and it was a beautiful night to run!

Sam and his coworkers created a team that they let me be on. (Thanks guys!) We ended up placing third as a team out of 43! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I was also really happy with my personal time; I just broke 21 minutes; averaging less than 7 minutes a mile. Not too shabby for being in “distance training mode” and putting the speed back for the first time in a while. I finished as the third place woman overall, with the other two women within 20 seconds of me. I’m not upset about being so close to the other women because that means I was running with the best of the women there. I never run 5K’s so I was really proud of how well I competed. (I also heard one of these women runs 5K’s EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. yeah…)

I have no more races planned until the half marathon, though. I’m using this 5K as an assessment point to see what I want to focus on as I continue training. I obviously have a little more distance to put in, but I’m really not too far off the race distance right now because I ran 11 miles on Sunday. I DO know that I want to really challenge myself in terms of pace for the half marathon. I’ll update you as I start speed work and tactics I try to use on normal and distance runs to improve this aspect of my race. I’m super thankful for a fun night to run and looking forward to seeing how this improves my half marathon!

*ALSO, funny story from the race:

When I was being presented my award, the gentleman had to ask me if I was 21… (The prize included a large bottle of beer) Someday I’ll be thankful for looking young I guess!

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Half-Marathon Training

I’d say I’m an “avid runner,” meaning that with my schedule I typically run about 3 or 4 days a week (depending on the season and what I have going on). I’m usually pretty happy with this; it keeps me pretty content with my fitness level and endurance. BUT then some crazy part of me thinks, “let’s run a race!” And here we are…

I’ve been a runner for pretty much my entire life because my parents are both runners. I ran cross country and track from 5th grade through my senior year of high school. I even thought about running in college! But when faced with more “serious” ideas about what I wanted to do in college and even after college, I decided running could be something I do on my own, in a less serious atmosphere. I still stuck with running though! As it turned out, my sophomore year of college I got the crazy idea to run a marathon. YES, THAT’S RIGHT. A full marathon. The competitive side of me saw people who weren’t really “runners” signing up for half-marathons. So then I had the brilliant idea to say “well if they can run a half, I can run a full.”

I ran a marathon that year under the guidance and coaching of my dad, then ran 2 more half marathons over the next couple of years. Then school got busy and life took me to a whole new part of the country. I didn’t run many races, if any for a couple years. But now that I feel more settled in my new home, I decided I want to train for something. It’s hard to exercise and work out when the only reason I do it is “to be healthy.”  So, CHARLOTTE HALF-MARATHON, here I come!

Luckily Charlotte is close enough to Winston that I shouldn’t have to deal with any major weather differences between training and race day. Additionally, my dad was kind enough to make me a training schedule. I know you can find tons of sample training guides on line, but knowing that my dad took the time to help me means so much to me. We used to run together all the time. Running is something really special that we share.

So training is underway and I’ve been trying to beat the heat and run as early as the sun is up. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down (Please God, any day now!) Before you know it, November will be here and I’ll be lined up at the starting line! Follow along and I will share more updates on training and prepping for race day.

Why I Love Running

“So you like running?! Why??”

I get this question ALL. THE. TIME. How could I possibly enjoy running?  Now I know running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s by far my favorite way to exercise. There are so many physical and mental benefits to running, some personal added bonuses, and definitely a boost of confidence it gives me to run.

So there are a few things that are absolute positives with running:

  1. You need very little equipment and very little coordination (perfect for me, lol)
  2. It is something you can do totally alone (who else needs a little “me time?”) or in a group (there are so many running clubs to join)
  3. You always feel better after you run, ALWAYS
  4. It makes you happier (scientifically proven)
  5. It can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight

All these reasons (which are just SOME of the benefits to running) are why I enjoy running. But specifically from all the reasons listed above, one of my favorite is using running as “me time.” I don’t listen to music, or podcasts, or really anything when I run. (yes, you can call me crazy now.) If I’m running alone, it’s my time to just be with my thoughts. Sure, sometimes I’ll listen to a little rap music before I run so I’ll sing a couple songs in my head. Also, the weird organizer, “Type A” part of me loves to make lists in my head and schedule my day while I run. But don’t get me wrong, I like running with people too. And probably my second favorite part about running is how it makes me feel so much stronger and leaner. Not to mention it really picks up my appetite; which is a great added bonus because I love food!

A lot of people may not understand me when I say I love running, but it’s definitely my favorite way to exercise. I love pushing myself to set new goals. And when you achieve those goals…. There is seriously no better feeling.

A few quotes related to running I’ve heard over the years that I love: “There is no one that can let you down in running except yourself.” And, “You’ll get out of running what you put in;” which may be one of my favorite parts about it! If there’s any of you reading who also like running, let me know why! And of those who don’t, what’s your go-to work out and what do you love about it?

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