about me

My name is Kelsi, and welcome to Finan Dandy!  Here you’ll find fashion that favors classic styles with trends sprinkled in, as well  as some other things I love like fitness (big runner), food (self-proclaimed foodie), and travel (always looking for where to go next).

I started this blog as a creative outlet from my usual day-to-day life. I currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and work as a retail pharmacist. But long before I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist I developed a love of fashion. I never lost that love, which is why I decided to break out of my shell and start this blog. I hope this space brings a light to your day and inspires you to be whatever makes you feel “fine and dandy.” Feel free to follow along and follow me on Instagram!

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email: kelsi.finan@gmail.com

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