How I Prep for a New Year

A new year is approaching, and with that is a sense of new beginnings. Although I don’t really like the term “resolution,” I do like to make a few goals for myself in the coming year. Anyone else?

So I did a little research to get a better sense of the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing. According to my sources (google lol), it looks like making New Year’s Resolutions has been around since the Babylonians, some FOUR THOUSAND YEARS AGO. And the most common resolutions now adays?? You could probably guess most if not all of these: diet or exercise more, lose weight, save more and spend less, quit smoking, spend more time with family, learn a new skill or hobby, be less stress (I have to laugh at this one), get organized, travel more, read more, exercise more, and my personal favorite *drum roll please*: live life to the fullest.  I don’t mean to pick on anyone if this are some things you would normally make as a resolution. Really! I just need a little more direction than these general ideas. This can seem so general and directionless.

I think making new years resolutions is a bit “wishy-washy.” So I don’t call them resolutions. I prefer to make “goals” of ways that I can improve aspects of myself: physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

Last year, I wrote down a few goals in my planner. I didn’t have to be achieving my goal right away; I slowly work at them over weeks or months. Last year’s goals were:

  1. Read more books
  2. Pray every day (like really PRAY and talk to God for some time)
  3. Workout a minimum of 4 days/week
  4. Form healthful eating habits

Within these, I made some specifics or examples of where I wanted to see myself. This year, my goals seem to be a lot of the same. I don’t think that means I “failed” at my goals last year, but some were still a little hard. So here they are:

Goals for 2020:
  1. Stretch every day- an idea from Sam actually when we were stretching before a run and both realized it’s hard to touch our toes/felt very tight. This goal we are going to work on together. Whether just a few minutes of stretching or taking a yoga class, we want to stretch every day.
  2. Read at least 1 book per month – I did read more last year! Before last year, I didn’t really read much for pleasure because of being in school and taking my boards… everything I read was school/professional related! So 2019 was just a year to get back to reading more for myself. I didn’t read quite as much as I wanted, so I’m setting a more specific goal this year that I think if achievable. If it gets too easy, I’ll modify my goal later on.
  3. Grow in faith – pray daily and use a daily devotional. I just ordered this devotional. It’s recommended by both Chronicles of Frivolity and Lonestar Southern so I’m sure it’s good! Very excited to try something new to hopefully improve my spiritual life.
  4. Form healthy eating and workout habits. A few of the specifics under this category:
    1. Eat fewer processed foods
    2. Workout at least 4 days/week (this was a good goal last year for me. Some weeks it was hard to work out that much, once I was training for my half-marathon it was an easy goal. Four days a week is a good balance, personally.)
    3. Eat healthy portions
  5. Write more blog posts – I’ve sort of fallen off the writing portion of this whole “blog journey,” but I want to get better at it. It may start small with once a week but maybe I’ll really challenge myself to share even more. This will definitely be one of those goals that will change over the course of the year. So stay tuned!

Who else is ready for a new year?? What are your resolutions or goals?

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