Chicken Enchilada Soup

The temperatures have dropped so it was finally time for me to pull out the crock pot and make one of my favorite soups the other day! First, I’ll be completely honest. Cooking is something I am working on. I struggle with planning something in advance and taking the time to prepare it. Slowly but surely I will get better at this *I tell myself*. But that being said, I have never messed up this recipe, so there’s no way you could either! When I can successfully cook a meal that does not involve anything prepackaged, frozen, or half-way already done for me, this is a major win.

There’s so many things I love about this recipe. First off, it’s a Mexican inspired soup. (YUM!) Next, it’s made in the crock pot (or Instant Pot if you’re fancier/cooler than me haha). And it’s healthy. It’s paleo and gluten-free; so it’s a great option for almost anyone.

*Side note: I tried to eat more paleo meals for a while. My goal was about 50-60% of what I ate was paleo. Even this goal was unrealistic for me considering how much I love grains and dairy (honestly dairy is something I love to my core). But, oh well. This recipe is amazing even if you aren’t on a specific dietary plan.*

It only takes 30 minutes to prep. Easy-peesy! And you know how crock pot meals make your whole kitchen smell delicious?!?! This one is no exception.


I grabbed everything in a quick run to Trader Joe’s the day before. I used chicken broth instead of bone broth because it was cheaper, and it still turned out great! Oh and of course added a little bread on the side. I love dipping bread in soup.

I hope you enjoy! Please share if you have any other crock pot recipes you love. I want to try more crock pot recipes this fall and winter.

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