The Maxi Dress I’m Transitioning from Summer to Fall

dress: H&M, bag: Anthropologie, earrings, sandals: old J. Crew, sunglasses: old H&M

Who else loves a maxi dress?? (me!) And who else is usually SWIMMING in one? (yep, also me) The idea of a maxi dress is just so effortless and can be fun and stylish, but for a while I gave up on them because they never seem to fit my 5’3″ frame. However, I stumbled upon this dress and could not pass it up!

I found this black and brown maxi dress while looking for my sister’s birthday present (don’t worry, I found her something equally as cute) at H&M. I saw it and the usual question I ask myself when I see something I like popped in my head: “where would I wear this?” Endless options crossed my mind like “to dinner! to church! summer and fall because look at these colors!” and finally “to the beach!” We had a trip planned to Charleston about 5 weeks away and I knew immediately that if this dress fit it would be perfect for Charleston. I already envisioned wearing it to brunch. So back to the dressing room I went. And maybe by a miracle, his dress fit perfectly! And even better, it was about $45. I couldn’t (shouldn’t) say no.

Now for my review of the dress: first, such a good price. The colors and pattern make this so easy to transition from summer to fall with a little jacket. It’s also super flowy, which added to the beachy, casual feel I was looking for. However, I will say the dress is not lined. Now for the price, I wouldn’t expect it to be. This was a positive in the hot Charleston summer heat, but I definitely recommend nude undergarments.

It’s perfect to wear alone with a simple sandal and gold hoops. And now that it’s starting to turn into fall, I am already planning how to change up the look with a jacket, maybe darker bag, and other shoes. A maxi dress can be the one of the easiest ways to create a simple yet stylish look! With a few accessories you look totally put together and it probably takes less than 2 minutes to get ready. That’s a win-win in my book.

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