How to Rock a Blush Velvet Couch

If you’re like me, the moment you realize you have total freedom when decorating your apartment, the Instagram and Pinterest searches go CRAZY. I had very little of my own furniture when I moved into my apartment in Winston, so that was a little scary. I needed A LOT! (To put into perspective, I had a bed, a dresser, and a few decorating pieces. That was all.) So I hit up all the “cheaper” furniture and decorating stores you can think of. IKEA, Target, HomeGoods; I was there! So when it came to decorating the living area, I knew I wanted a blush pink couch.

Would you believe me if I told you almost everyone gave me backlash for this idea? Yep. My sister tried to tell me how impractical this idea was; my dad simply rolled his eyes and laughed because that’s just classic me wanting a pink couch. But I had quite the comeback, and it was this: “how many times in my life will I have no one else to think of when I’m decorating? There will probably never be another time when it’s my opinion alone that matters the most. No compromising on colors, size, comfort. Any of it! Just me!” and with that, everyone just smiled when I told them I was looking for a blush pink velvet couch.

T couch is small, the perfect size for just me and a friend. I love neutrals anyway, so I knew it would be easy to find simple accents to toss around and finish the space. So below I detailed the spaces in the room and how I u completed the look for a chic, girly feel.

Couch area: a throw is a MUST for me. I love blankets! This was a gift from the dearest people who I just adore as a moving present. I tossed a couple throw pillows I already had on the other end and love the simple yet fun pop that the Dalmatian pillow and faux fur bring!

Rug/coffee table area: I still wanted to mix some other colors into the space so that it wasn’t just pink. I already had the ginger jars and love the look of pink and blue. I found this rug online for such a good price. Looking back I think I could have gotten it slightly larger because it is a large open room, but I don’t think it looks bad (and this size was in my budget lol). I love the clear table, which was a HomeGoods find. It is glass so it is actually pretty heavy! I honestly don’t know how I got it from my car, into the building, and then into my apartment all by myself but I did. (GIRL POWER!) Right now I just have a simple coffee tablet book, ginger jar, and candle on the coffee table, but I also have a little gold and mirrored table tray that I love to bring out as well as several vases for when I’m feeling extra and need fresh flowers. It also a perfect space to throw something seasonal. The pouf adds a little bit of bohemian vibe. (It was also used when I couldn’t see my TV from the couch before I went to the ophthalmologist; so would drag it in front of the coffee table. Oops! Don’t worry now I have glasses.)

Side tables: the wooden side table is actually two separate tables. I like again the light and airy feel of the table. I didn’t need tons of storage so I loved the open feeling. I love coffee table books (maybe slightly addicted), so I stacked up two and put a more rounded/stout ginger jar and circular picture frame to offset the square and rectangular shapes. On the other end is a gold and marble topped round end table. I had several ginger jars from my previous apartment that I wanted to display here. So I stuck them underneath to fill the space in a little more, and again tossed a couple of fun coffee table books, candle, coasters, and one of those gold starburst/spiky things on top.

Wall: I love how floating shelves look so simple and clean. These I found on amazon. I already had most of the pictures, so I just got a couple of the bigger ones at Hobby Lobby and moved them all around until I found a look I liked. Now I do have to give a shout out to Sam here. I got these shelves just a little while after we met/started dating and the instructions said I needed power tools. Sam, being the handy man that he is and trying to look all cool and strong when we first met, came over and helped me install them. (Thanks Sam!)

So overall, I kept with a neutral theme of colors and fun textures to play up the pink velvet couch. I change things up for the seasons and holidays, which really isn’t as hard as you may think with a pink couch. I love how personal this area feels and how “me” it is. Does anyone else have something in their home/apartment that makes them feel so happy and personal?!

One thought on “How to Rock a Blush Velvet Couch”

  1. I absolutely love this post! the finer jars make it so classic but still fun with the bohemian pouf!! I totally agree when else in life can you have a pink couch?! now is the time!!! loved seeing your decor!


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